Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Wot - Another Week Gone? !!

Whoa, where did that week go? I really don't know, I don't seemed to have done anything and yet I've been really busy! I do know one thing, it's not time that has been spent at the torch. I did snatch a couple of hours Saturday afternoon and played around with a couple of Christmas type ideas, but that was it over the weekend. They've been kilned now, but still awaiting cleaning and a photo or two, so I can't show you anything just yet.

In the meantime I have, at least, managed to get some of my Xmas shopping done (relief!) Still a few bits to get, but mostly stuff that can be ordered online. So that's my next job. Then there's those cards to write.... (I'm sure I'm not alone in not relishing this task!) I have created myself a label template so at least I don't have to address all the envelopes (call it streamlining!)

Finally I have to get my 'Secret Santa' gift wrapped and in the post soon....

Best get to it!


1 comment:

  1. Urgh, card writing. And there's always that one card from someone you forgot, that manages to arrive on the 24th Dec so you have no time to send one back.

    Good thought on the streamlining - I might borrow that idea :D