Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Nature Of The Beast !

Hmm, I thought to myself, I quite fancy trying something in shades of caramels. What to use? So I carefully selected CiM Ginger, Reichenbach Caramel and then I wanted a transparent - perhaps Vetrofond light brown....

(Sorry, photos are a bit dark, but with this weather, it's impossible!)

And I got the two beads on the right....

OK, I know transparent light brown can be reactive (though I didn't realise it would with this particular selection of colours!), I'll try Effetre Medium Topaz instead....

And I got the two on the left (yes, quite, spot the difference!)

So it just goes to show that sometimes melting glass does all sorts of unexpected things!! Sometimes you can get a wonderful surprise..., and sometimes not! Me thinks these may be destined for the 'frit' jar !! Needless to say that I gave up on caramel.

Meanwhile, I did get a couple of hours at the torch last night. Had a little play and also produced a couple of smallish lentils that I hope will make a set sometime soon - got to be kilned, cleaned and photo'd yet - so maybe a few days before they get as far as the website. I probably won't get much more time at the torch now until the weekend, either, but that's the way it goes with a full time job and two daughters...!

Ta-ra for now,