Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some New Chainmaille Bracelets

I've finally got some rings cut with my Koil Kutter and have been playing with a couple of new chainmaile weaves.

Firstly came one inspired from a picture on Maille Artisans International that I managed to figure out without a tutorial! It makes quite a chunky bracelet that I decided to make up in black

Then I went onto a Persian variant, Persiantine, completed in dark blue. This has made a slightly more delicate bracelet

And lastly, my favourite (which I am wearing whilst I type!!), Forars Kaede. Similar to the popular Jens Pind, but having made this up into a bracelet I think I prefer this weave of the two

So I have ordered some more wire to practise with ...... you know how it is !!



Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another 3 Weeks Gone? !!

Another 3 weeks have disappeared and I really haven't got much to show for it! This year is just speeding by and looking at my calendar, it will carry on that way - at least, for a short while!

So what have I been doing? Nothing really, but the weekends have been a round of shopping and taking and fetching daughters to various social events. Then, when I have an hour or so, I have snatched it to get to the torch. There's still a few beads to sort, photo and list, but I haven't been making sets as such recently. Instead I've been having a play at these...

Unfortunately this one has a crack inside, but I will still kiln it and keep it for myself!

I've also been playing with jump rings a little bit, but I haven't got any photos as yet. These will follow soon.

This weekend will go pretty much like many of the previous weekends this year, too, and I doubt I'll have any torch time until the following weekend. So roll on Easter so I can have a rest!!