Sunday, 11 April 2010

So Happy!

I have finally got around to ordering a new laptop and have been setting it up today. Wow, what a difference! The old one was soooo slow, it was impossible to do anything much. So now I'm full steam ahead and it's fab!!

Hopefully I will try and get a few pictures up soon and I also desperately need to update my website, Etsy, FlickR.... the list goes on! Everything seems to have lapsed just lately.

Still, I hope that will change! So to get me in the mood, here's a handflower I made a couple of weeks ago, modelled by my 6 year old. It's a bit big on her (to say the least), but she makes a wonderful model!! I found the pattern on Chainmaille Artisans and just had to make one - I'm not sure why, but you know how it is !!

Now I'm off to catch up with a couple of blogs and then carry on catching up.