Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's Christmas!

Well, it's nearly here. I've still got a couple of presents to wrap, but at least I have the cards written now!!

I did manage to snatch a couple of hours at the torch on Saturday evening, but mainly to complete a few bits for a commission. I'm not sure whether I will manage any more time this side of Christmas, though, with everything else that is still to be prepared/tidied/wrapped/cooked/cleaned..!!

However, I do have one thing to share.. my little Christmas Tree. It's not overly big and I thought it would benefit nicely from a few homemade decorations.. so what do you think?

And a slightly closer view

I was quite pleased with it, anyway!

On that note, I would like to wish everybody a Happy Holiday and I hope 2010 is a happy and healthy one.



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