Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lucky Me!

Whilst getting the beads prepared and ready for adding to the website on Sunday, my littlest daughter was raiding my stash and decided to make me a bracelet, so I thought I would share!

She's only 6 and she added the clasp herself, too, so I think she did rather well (and that's thanks to Dizzy Di, who patiently showed her how to twist wire with the pliers at the Beads & Beyond Show in October!) So I think I'm a lucky mummy!!

Still not been near the torch this week - for a combination of reasons like having things to do (wrapping presents, for instance, but still not done those cards...!) and feeling the need to have a few days break from lampworking and doing a little chain maille instead. Hopefully I'll snatch an hour or two over the weekend, but that's between putting up decs, going to Meadowhall Shopping Centre on Saturday morning because the oldest daughter has a party there (Nooooooo, shopping centre, Saturday morning, two weeks before Xmas, what were they thinking?!!), Jiu Jitsu gradings, the usual ritual of spellings, reading and overseeing any other homework and, oh, some food shopping, and not forgetting the dreaded cleaning.... So maybe not, then!!

And that will be another weekend gone. Maybe I'll just get enough time to update the blog, instead? !!




  1. That is adorable, lucky you! I think you've definitely got a jewellery artist in the making :D

  2. Well, she thinks she is, Hazel !! Thanks.