Saturday, 1 January 2011

15% Off at Beaujolaisbeads Etsy Shop !!

Happy New Year everybody! I hope 2011 is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you. I also hope you have all had a happy holiday.

With the festivities all but over, it's now time to start thinking about getting back to normal. It's been a busy time for us over the last couple of months as we have been moving our studio from one room into another, and we are not quite there yet! So I haven't been at the torch for about a month and I am not quite sure when I will be either, though I would hope it will all be set up and ready to go within the next week or so... (fingers crossed!).

In the meantime, I have listed a couple of sets and a vessel I made a couple of months ago on Etsy, so here's a taster


Maple Blossom


I'm also having a sale! I am giving 15% off all of my items in my Etsy Shop - even the newly listed ones. Just add Newyear2011 in the coupon box and 15% should be automatically deducted for you.
The sale will be on until 31st January, so please do pop by. If you should have any problems, please convo me.

Have a good week.




  1. Well, I couldn't resist this *G* I was nearly tempted into adding the gorgeous vessel to my basket, but I tried to have some self-control.

    Happy New Year June!