Thursday, 6 May 2010

Actually, I'm getting fed up with making bead sets!

Yes, really, I am! My attention span just doesn't want to last the time it takes to make a few little beadies of similar design. I am ok with focals and I have been enjoying making vessels, it's just sets of beads that I am having trouble with! I have still got one or two vessels yet to clean and photo and then I will show you, but that for later.

So in the meantime, I decided to wander over to 'the dark side', otherwise known as borosilicate. A totally different way of working, it seems! After trying a couple of small beads to get the feel, and then having all the bead release crack on me, an off-mandrel pendant it was, so here is my first attempt, which is simply clear dipped in boro frit:

After this I attempted a heart which is also clear but mixed with some rather lovely deep blue which has a lovely sparkle, though that is very difficult to capture with a camera! Still, here it is:

I am rather pleased with these for my first go with boro and I hope to play some more soon.

So what else has been happening? I had a great weekend in Towcester at Flame Off. There are a few pictures on my FlickR. I saw some great demos, met lots of people and spent far too much money. It's probably just as well it is only once a year!!

Anyway, I hope to clean a few beads and post some more pictures here soon.




  1. *gasp* June 'the dark side' LOL Seriously you did a great job with the boro :O)