Sunday 17 April 2011

What A Fab Week!!

What a fab week I've had! First there was Flame Off! Such a fest of glassy goodness, so much glass, tools and wonderful things to look at and buy, then there are demos by some inspiring artists and finally friends galore to catch up with, what more can a glassy girl want? !! I had such a great time, the only downside is that it whizzes past so quickly! I did take my camera, and I brought it back home again - without even remembering to open the case - ah well, there's always next time!

Then there was a brief evening of trying out Bev's lovely new graphite marvers, Manda's fabulous 5mm mandrels and a rod or two of the new glass acquisitions! Just a brief play, though, so now I just need to find some more time to get back to the torch.

Yesterday saw us take a trip up to Rudston for Martin's New Studio Open Day. What can I say, it's just perfect! A lovely, new, huge studio just crying out for some classes..... There's a couple of photos on my FlickR (yes, I did remember to get the camera out, briefly!)

I had another chance to watch Kaz making her lovely murrini and also managed to see a demo from Caitlin as I missed this at Flame Off. Then there was another chance to chat some more, too!! Another great day with special thanks to Martin and the team.

Then today, we finally put the finishing touches to beaujolaisbeads new studio and tidied it up. Yay!! So here it is:

I don't think I can top all of that this week, somehow!!

Hope you have a good one.



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